Stevens' Summer Research Institute Marks Tenth Year of Student Innovation in Maritime Safety and Security

Stevens Institute of Technology

SRI connects multidisciplinary student teams with government and industry professionals to develop real-world solutions to safety and security challenges on U.S. waterways

A reality faced by the U.S. Coast Guard every day is the simple fact that water refuses to stand still.

By the time Coast Guard personnel are able to mobilize and reach the last known coordinates of a person reported to have gone overboard, for example, that person has already moved, drifting with the current to an unknown location potentially miles away.

Similarly, officers giving chase may be forced to choose between pursuing criminal suspects and retrieving contraband thrown overboard before the goods' confirmed location is lost.

That time delay between an incident's occurrence and a target's discovery could mean the difference between life and death or criminal conviction and exoneration.

One SRI project team's unmanned aerial systems (UAS) buoy system, however, could help homeland security practitioners "be" in two places at once. . . .

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