Kellie M. Walsh


more than words.


I’m a multidisciplinary creative professional with more than a decade of experience using words, visuals, ideas, and technology to highlight the humanity of inspirational brands.




I specialize in health, science, arts, technology, and business profiles, features, and news, emphasizing the stories of fascinating people and translating complex concepts into approachable language.


I've interviewed an Emmy winner, a Grammy winner, and a Nobel laureate.

As well as academics, artists, educators, advocates, scientists, doctors, musicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, students, postdocs, and one NASA physicist.

(And I once made Alan Alda laugh.)


& Creative Services


I strive to produce clean, intuitive digital media and communications products that shape a brand's narrative through well-organized, considered content.


Brand Journalism & Content Marketing

Combining traditional journalism with strategic messaging to identify and develop content that builds trust and brand identity.

Editorial & Content strategy

Holistic strategy, planning, management, and governance of multichannel content.

UX Design & information architecture

An audience-centric focus on tailoring digital products to optimize how users interact in context.

creative direction & digital production

A strong eye for layout and visual aesthetics, plus the ability to wrangle even the most finicky of content management systems.

editorial style • Chicago • AP • MLA • editing • Baseline • Standard • Substantive • journalism • Interviewing • Reporting • Research • web & email marketing • HTML • CSS • Wordpress • Squarespace • Django • Umbraco • MediaWiki • MailChimp • social media/marketing • Twitter • Facebook • Instagram • LinkedIn • YouTube • Vimeo • SproutSocial • Google Analytics • graphics • Adobe Photoshop • project management & collaboration • BaseCamp • JIRA • DoneDone • SharePoint • OmniFocus • Slack • G Suite/Google Docs • Microsoft Office


My goal is to produce content relevant to user needs and strategies realistic to business needs.

My hope is we can make our audience a little smarter in the process, too.


& Clients


A few places you may have seen my work

  • Amazon / Pillpack

  • Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists

  • Cadillac

  • Chase

  • Continental Airlines

  • Crest

  • CulturClub

  • Folgers

  • General Motors

  • Global STEM Alliance

  • GM Goodwrench

  • Healthline

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Incipit

  • ING / Clarion

  • International Center for Leadership in Education

  • MBarry & Co.

  • The Microscopic Septet

  • New York Academy of Sciences

  • New York New Media Association

  • Novo Interactive Media Group

  • Opentrons

  • Orbitz

  • Pampers

  • The PoliceWiki

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Puffs

  • Pulte Realty

  • StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Stewart Copeland Official Site

  • Vicks

  • Workman Publishing



Spearheaded inaugural website of $30-million national awards program (Winner, 2014 Communicator Award of Distinction for Science Websites, Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts)


Together we can discover, design, and tell stories — for, about, and of your brand.