Stevens Researcher Named ASME Fellow for Far-Reaching, Multidisciplinary Innovations in Micro- and Nanotechnology Research and Education

Stevens Institute of Technology

For his service and advancements of nanofabrication, energy conversion, biomedical, and space exploration technologies, Stevens' Eui-Hyeok Yang has been elevated to ASME's highest elected grade.

Eui-Hyeok "EH" Yang, professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Micro Device Laboratory at Stevens Institute of Technology, has been elected a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for his extensive contributions to the fields of micro- and nanotechnology, with applications as diverse as biomedical devices, self-powered smart wearables, energy storage, oil/water separation, infrared detection, and space telescopes.

The leading professional association for the advancement of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences, ASME bestows this honor on less than four percent of its membership in recognition of significant and outstanding achievements in engineering. Yang is the fourth Stevens mechanical engineering faculty member to achieve this distinction.

"I am honored to be elected an ASME Fellow," Yang said, expressing gratitude for the award's reflection of his 30 years of service, academic leadership, and research as a leading expert in nanomaterials and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Combining fundamental research with practical application, Yang leverages his expertise in nanofabrication, nanophysics, and materials science to design, grow, and develop flexible, ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin materials and nanostructures for a variety of innovative scientific, military, and civilian uses. . . .

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