Art That Makes People Think: “This Is How I Feel.”

Folks Magazine (Amazon/PillPack)

Medical student-turned-designer Josie Vallely uses collaborative visual art to tell the untold stories of people with health conditions and to affect broader social change.

In her third year of medical school, Glaswegian Josie Vallely made a sobering discovery: she didn’t much like medicine.

Vallely was good in science and enjoyed working in big teams with different kinds of people, but she didn’t like the culture of medicine. She didn’t like the unreasonable hours. Most of all, she didn’t feel like she was in a position to be as useful as she could be.

“When you’re doing hospital medicine, you have to consider the whole person, but often you’re not looking much further beyond that person. You’re not looking at a societal or cultural perspective,” she says. “There is lots of problem-solving, but it’s on a minor scale. I was more interested in major problem-solving. . . .”

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